About 6 months ago I started working PRN at a hospital, and though I was excited about my new endeavor. I quickly realized there was a learning curve. Making the transition from a pediatric clinic to an acute care setting brought on new challenges and gave me a new perspective on the way I approach treatments/evaluations. Acute care patients have recently had a significant change in their health, therefore to make sure we as therapists are providing the best care possible we have to consider multiple factors.This type of setting is often fast paced with an emphasis on productivity, leaving a lot of room for clinician error. As I developed my own style in this environment I created this guide in order to streamline my evaluation process. It is very easy for me to get side tracked during patient interviews, having this guide in front of me definitely helps me gather information I deem important in order to create the best treatment plan for the patient. 

Download the acute care evaluation guide by clicking below: 

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