I received the Original Carryall bag from Clinitote for free to review and then giveaway to one of my readers.

Us therapists understand the daily struggle of trying to keep our materials organized. Especially, those of us who carry our materials around to different schools, different hospital floors, and different clinics. I remember one time when I was leaving the clinic to go to a school, and one of the kids I work with said “Ms. Nathalie, I hope you have a nice trip”. That is when I realized that I was carrying so many bags that it did look like I was going on vacation! So you can understand my excitement when I first came across the Clinitote.I immediately reached out to Cami (creator of Clinitote) wanting to know all about it. You can read my interview with her— here.

Cami is awesome and was kind enough to send me an Original Carryall bag to review, and then giveaway to my readers. Exciting, I know! Once I received the bag in the mail I was extremely impressed with the quality and ordered one for myself. I have been using the bag for several months now and it has become an everyday staple. 

My thoughts on the Clinitote Original Carryall:

  • The quality is amazing. The bag is made up of 100% Nylon so it is durable and easily cleaned if it becomes dirty. I have been using it every day for the last several months and it does not have one tear on it.
  • The Original Caryall comes with two different strap options: over-the-shoulder and an adjustable removable strap— which is great for wearing across your body when you need to move freely.
  • With the bag you also get a small pouch great for storing pens, markers, or any small materials. You also get and over the door hanger which is easily moved from door-to-door and gives you a place to store your bag. 
  • The bag has lots of different pockets on the inside which makes organizing and finding supplies an easy task. I do wish that each individual pocket had its own zipper in order to keep materials from falling out. 
  • At $165 the Clinitote seems rather expensive but, I do believe it’s well worth the investment. You will likely use this bag every day for a long time as it is incredibly functional.

Don’t think the Original Carryall is for you? Clinitote also has an Original Messenger version that might be just what you need. 

I received the Original Carryall bag from Clinitote for free to review and then giveaway to one of my readers.

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