In the past few years podcasts have increased in popularity. With topics ranging from fashion to health to gardening, they are a great way to pass the time. I personally have been enjoying listening to podcasts on my daily commute or while completing chores around the house. I love soaking in new information during mundane tasks- it automatically makes me feel more productive. Of course, my favorite topic to listen to is occupational therapy. I have been pleasantly surprised and excited that occupational therapy is making its presence known in the podcast world. Below are some of my favorite OT podcasts. I commend these awesome therapists for putting in the work to create such great resources.

Seniors Flourish Podcast- Mandy Chamberlain is an occupational therapist with a mission to help other practitioners working with older adults be the best practitioners they can be. The Seniors Flourish podcast features interviews, Q & A’s, and discusses hot topics/current trends in occupational therapy.
Glass Half Full: Occupational Therapy Talk- Hosted by occupational therapists Jessica Kersey and Natalie Barnes. Glass Half Full focuses on sharing the importance of occupation as intervention. They cover a variety of topics as they relate to OT in order to bring evidence-based research to consumers and OT practitioners.
Milestones: A Child Development Podcast- Allison Carter is an occupational therapist with experience working with infants, toddlers, and children up to 15 years of age. On the Milestones Podcast she discusses topics relating to child development, sensory processing, and children living with special needs.
Living Life To Its Fullest Podcast- This podcast by AOTA aims to educate others about the profession. Each monthly episode talks about how occupational therapy can help people prevent or live better after an illness, an injury, or a disability. 

​Do you already listen to an OT podcast? Comment below, which podcast you enjoy most.

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