Self-awareness is an important trait for practitioners to possess. A good OT is aware of their strengths, their weaknesses, and is always willing to build upon their knowledge. Only this way can we be certain that we are providing the best care possible for our clients. It is very easy to fall into an everyday routine were we develop goals and provide interventions without truly understand the why behind it. Remember, just because something has been done a certain way for a long time- does not make it the best way to do it.I would say that about every 6-months I enter a period which I have lovingly termed “career crisis”, where I feel I am not growing my knowledge as a practitioner. I go down this rabbit hole of searching for information about all the things “I do not know”. Quite frankly it is an anxiety-inducing event that leaves me feeling overwhelmed, and without a clue on what to do next. This time around I created this Professional Self-Assessment Form to help organize my thoughts, identify my areas of weaknesses, and come up with a plan for tackling my professional goals. This form was designed as a companion to the NBCOT Navigator Self-Assessment Tool. I found this tool to be a helpful resource for establishing my level of competency across different domains, and specific practice areas. If you have not tried it yet, I definitely recommend you check it out. 

Download the Professional Self-Assessment Form by clicking below:

*I would love to hear if this form was useful to you, and what self-assessment tools you use to advance your competency as a practitioner. 

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