Sensational Brain's sensory symptom checklist is a great tool for occupational therapists to assist in the sensory diet design process.

Occupational therapists know that sensory diets need to be custom made to meet the specific sensory needs of each individual. However, determining the activities to include in a sensory diet is not always black and white. An individual can be under-responsive in one sensory area, and over-responsive in another. This is why I find the sensory symptoms checklist from Sensational Brain to be a wonderful tool.

There are currently three versions available on their website Oh! and the best part is… they are all free. Below you will find a direct link to each checklist.

Sensory Symptoms Checklist (to be filled out by parent)

Sensory Symptoms Checklist: Babies and Toddlers

Sensory Symptoms Checklist – School Version

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