Correcting a student’s grasp on a writing utensil can be a tricky endeavor. Each child is different and presents with different needs. Pencil grips are a handy tool often used by occupational therapists to help with this issue. Pencil grips can be used as a training tool or as an adaptation. Out on the market there is currently a large variety of grips that can be purchased. As many OTs do, I have a few favorites that I love to use with my students. Though, I am always on the hunt for new and improved models.Today I would like to share with you the WriteRight pencil grip. I first saw this grip at AOTA earlier this year and was eager to test it out with my students. I was sent all three sizes by the company in order to review them, and I must say that I would definitely recommend this product.My students have found it fun to use and really enjoy its cool shape. This grip does a great job promoting a tripod grasp while still providing comfort (each finger has a place). The material is durable, comfortable, and easy to clean. I also love that the pencil that comes with the grip is mechanical making it easy to work on different skills with my students such as graded pressure. The grip can also be transferred to another regular full-sized pencil if that is something you would prefer. To read more about the WriterRight pencil grip make sure to click the following link ——-

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