1. I did not expect how often I have to explain to other healthcare providers what the occupational therapy scope of practice entails.If I had a penny for every time I have had to explain to a doctor or a nurse what I will be targeting during intervention, I will be seriously wealthy. We are not all physical therapists!

2. I did not expect to become a regular at the Dollar Tree and the Target Onespot. The amount of money I spend on the regular- buying materials/supplies for treatment sessions is definitely out of control.

3. I did not expect to log countless of hours on Pinterest. It is my go to site for inspiration whenever I am planning treatment sessions. I have been known to stay up until two in the morning just pinning away treatment ideas. 

4. I did not expect to have to know so much about billing and reimbursement. It has been quite overwhelming trying to figure things out, and it is still challenging at times. A course on billing and policies should be a part of the OT curriculum for sure.

5. I did not expect to become the functional performance police. I cannot seem to turn it off. I am constantly analyzing the way family, friends, and even strangers perform tasks. 

6. I did not expect how torn I would be between working per diem without benefits and full time with benefits. For some reason this has been a tough one for me. If you are a student or a new graduate make sure you take into consideration your medical needs, your lifestyle, and taxes!!

7. I did not expect to become such an important part of an individual’s life. Sure, I knew that I would make an impact with the individuals I worked with, and that seeing their progress would give me a sense of satisfaction. I just did not expect for them to give back so much love and appreciate the work that we do together so deeply.

Share below what are some things you did not expect when becoming an occupational therapist. I would love to know!

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